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Tips On Travel In New Zealand

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When embarking upon a journey of travel in New Zealand, the biggest problem that you will have is making the decision as to what to plan to do, because there are so many good choices to make. There is an over abundance of things to do and places to see.

If you are traveling by car, as most people do, be sure and allow yourself enough time to get from one destination to another. The distances are more than likely longer than they look on the map, and many of the travelers do allow for more travel time than they originally thought.

Many people like to settle into an area and travel by bicycle. New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North and the South islands. The north is more populated, with more cities, and the south is more scenic, with more mountains, lakes and rivers. Yo can decide which you would prefer, and act accordingly. There are pre-arranged bicycle tours that can be taken with guides who are experienced and know the countryside.

Many travelers when they travel in New Zealand will rent travel vans to take them comfortably from site to site. Some will have sleeping accomodations on a limited scale, and many people will have their own tents and camping equipment.

If you prefer to travel in the north, you have Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch which have many wonderful restaurants (Especially Pizza Restaurants) and lodging facilities, as well as historical venues that are very interesting in regards to the early settlement of the islands. Traveling in the south offers magnificent beauty with spectacular mountains, lakes and streams that will take your breath away.

New Zeland’s national coach company connects with over 600 travel points on a nationwide basis, and many first time visitors find this an ideal way to see the country, without having to have extensive knowledge of the countryside right away.

Some say that travel in New Zealand is made more exciting by traveling by motorbike, as they claim that it is a motorbike’s dream. There are plenty of organized tours available, so that you will not have to be on your own.

If you wish to stay in the cities, there are plenty of inter-city rail lines and bus transport. If you decide to venture south, there is not much in the way of public transport, but the scenery more than makes up for it, with all the lakes, mountains and national parks.

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Bay of Islands

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Deep Sea Fishing New Zealand

The bay of Islands is known as one of the most famous tourist places in the world as per tourist experts. They have excellent locations for fishing in deep seas. It consists of around 144 islands as well as bays which provide a great opportunity for fishing. The best fishing site for New Zealand is the Maritime Park which is a popular place for attraction for those who are having interests in fishing. They are opened to all the sections of ages comprising from children to the old persons who have a keen interest in playing the game of fishing. Their trainers provide you with the proper skill as well as guidance if you don’t have the proper knowledge of the instruments used while fishing. Some of the best known availability of fishes in the bays is:

  1. Spearfish: it is popular in New Zealand and is available in huge quantity.
  2. Blue as well Black colored Marlin: this popularly known fish are available in great quantities and are spread throughout the seas. So, finding them becomes easy and quick.
  3. Mahimahi: this famous fish are famous for the tastes they provide when they are fried. Consuming these fishes is also considered a healthy diet.
  4. World class kingfish: kingfishes are known for its large size and availability. There are several types of kingfishes like yellow colored kingfish, red colored kingfish, blue colored kingfish and lots more. New Zealand is famous of yellow colored kingfish. Huge quantities of this fish are found near the sea beds thus attracting a lot of tourists for fishing in New Zealand.
  5. Snapper: these are available largely in the banks of seas, thus the tourists always are excited in the hunt of snappers. They get easily trapped in your net because of their presence in vast quantities. They become very delicious when fried with oil.
  6. Bigeye: it is a type of fish rarely found in the beds of seas. You will have to wait a longer time to trap them because of their availability in lesser amounts. New Zealand is famous for its availability thus attracting tourists across the world for hunting them.
  7. Yellowfin Tuna: it is one of the famous breeds in the fisheries department. They are very healthy for consumption along with dry oil. They are extremely nutritious when consumed with slight fry.
  8. Swordfish: it is popular amongst the coasts of New Zealand, thus attracting a lot of tourists who reside in coastal regions across the globe. They come specially hunt these fishes as they are very much tasty and healthy.
  9. XOS Stripped Marlin: rarely seen upon availability, this fish are only found in the seas or oceans which are denser. One has to go the extent of seas or oceans so as to hunt them. There are extensively available in the coastal regions of bays in New Zealand. So those who are wishing to consume these types of fishes are likely to visit the bays of New Zealand.
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National Park River Trips

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Kayak Trips down to New Zealand

The kayak trip originating from the historic village of Puhoi to that of Wenderholm Regional Park is believed to be amongst the longest trip. The distance between them is about 8kms flatly without the inclusions of any rapids or any sort of waterfalls. Only tidal of water support you along the journey. If you are willing to explore more, then you can extend your distance up to a mark of about 10 to 12kms of range. So, try to take your family or friends along with you in order to take pleasure from moment you spend their. Going alone is not at all advisable because you will not get any pleasure enjoying yourselves.

You can avail any type of kayak providing excellent service for about 60 minutes and paddle across the villages of Puhoi. You can enjoy the view as well as the atmosphere around there.

In order to enjoy yourselves, first you have to know the basic rules for kayaking, so that in between you are stuck can apply the basic rules and come out of the danger. First of all, don’t panic while paddling assuming the depth of the river. Keep calm and enjoy every moment of your paddling. You will be provided with a map of the place so that it will be easy for you to ride safely through the places and you will get to know the places. This reduces the risk of getting lost within the scenic beauty or treasure of the village. The map explains the every bit places which helps you to find the detailed information of the place where you are residing in or getting lost. In this way, you can get back to your track by the help of map. For newly paddling drivers or rusty drivers, they provide the initial knowledge which helps the paddlers to know how to paddle and reach their destinations safely. Then they will supply you a type of first aid if at all it is needed during paddling. This will help you to provide the aid for immediate relief. This has also some characteristics that help you while paddling and know the strategy how to ride it with ease.

While going beneath the river you will first leave the place of origin i.e. their site and reach down the pahoi landing. The distance from the origin to the place of destination is basically about 200m when considered from the central part of the village. The central part is marked so as to provide a support for the new riders that they are proceeding in the correct way. The markings may be given in stone structures or a domain bridge and likewise. They will inform you while hiring them. It is allowed to paddle for about 1km more in the parts of upstream at the top of the reach of tidal part. You have to then turn backwards and follow our instructions in order to reach the base camp from where you have started. This will help you to take the proper view of the village very densely.

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Set off from Christchurch

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New Zealand is a country made up of many islands that are located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is geographically comprised primarily of two main landmasses or islands – the North Island, and the South Island, or with many smaller islands.

New Zealand is located about 600 miles south of the Pacific island areas of Fiji, New Caledonia as well Tonga and just about 900 miles south-east of Australia across the Sea of Tasman. New Zealand was one of the latest land masses to be settled by humans due to its remoteness. During New Zealand lengthy isolation, it developed a unique biodiversity of plant life, animal and fungal. The large number of unique bird species are among the most notable. The country’s unique landscape, the volcanic activity and its sharp mountain peaks are the result of the tectonic uplift.

In the South Island of New Zealand, there is plenty to do. Most people set out from Christchurch and a great option for the adventurous is to take a South Island motorcycle tour and head off. The Franz Josef and the Fox Glaciers are some of New Zealand’s most visited Glaciers, due mainly to their enormous size. Both of these grand sites are easily accessible by foot, which is another reason why these glaciers are so popular to visit. The Tasman Glacier is the largest glacier in New Zealand, coming in at 27km long and covers an area of 101 square kilometres. While visiting the glaciers you can ski, snowboard or just enjoy the breathtaking beauty as you hike the trails.Other activities in the South Island of New Zealand are the many water sports such canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting and fishing. Though all of South Island region of New Zealand is exceptional, the West Coast, is the place for wild glaciers, rainforests, rivers and priceless geological treasures.

The west Coast is never more than fifty kilometres wide, while the whole length of the West Coast of the South Island is home to only 31,000 residences. The largest town is Greymouth.

Marlborough is situated at the top part of the South Island, which is where the world famous sauvignon blanc as well as New Zealand’s largest wine producing region is. This region is exception because Marlborough enjoys such high hours of sunshine and a moderate climate that allows visitors to experience all of Marlborough’s splendor and diversity throughout the season, not to mention the splendid wine tasting events as well. In Marlborough New Zealand, there will always be something happening year round.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, literally.

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